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Build Muscle, Add Mass & Size
100% safe for all breeds – no side effects
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Improves health, energy & recovery

You Take YOUR Daily Vitamins. What About Your Dog?

You didn’t know that dogs need vitamin supplements? Many people don’t. But if you think about it, it makes sense. 
We take vitamins because no matter how painstaking we are in planning our diet, it’s difficult to be certain that we’re getting
ALL of the vitamins we need. And because we know just how vital the proper vitamins are to our health and well-being,
we take supplements to assure that those needs are met.

Bully Max 60 days

Bully Max Muscle Builder

Builds long lasting Muscle. 100% Safe: no side effects, no mood changes. No exercise is required. For all breeds age 7 weeks and older. Safe for pregnant & nursing dogs.

Gorilla Max Europe

Gorilla Max Muscle Builder

Builds Muscle, Boosts Health, & Promotes Growth. Contains 20g of the world’s highest quality protein in every scoop 100% safe; Vet-approved for all breeds & ages (7 weeks & up) 

Miracle VET Europe

Miracle Vet All-Natural Weight Gainer

HIGHER IN CALORIES: 2,400 calories per 16 oz.
ALL-NATURAL: Helps your dog gain weight safely & effectively. 
WORKS FASTER: Adds healthy weight to your dog faster.

Total Health Europe

Bully Max Total Health Powder

Boosts overall health & immunity. Maintains healthy hips & joints. Increases digestive health . Maintains cardiovascular health and function. Boosts skin & coat health. 

Dogs are People too, you Know!  It’s no different for our dogs.  Why would it be? The nutrients and vitamins essential to health are necessary for all living creatures, not just humans.

In that respect, dogs ARE just like people.
And if you can’t be sure that you’re getting all of the vitamins you need from your diet, do you really think that your dog’s needs are fully met by its diet?
Of course not.  Regardless of the quality brand of food you are giving your dog, it does NOT contain ALL of the essential vitamins that your dog needs. 
Vitamins ARE Essential  We don’t take vitamin supplements like we might take an aspirin to relieve a headache.   Rather, we take vitamins to ensure that our bodies have the building blocks for long-term health and well-being. We take vitamins to PREVENT problems. The same applies to your dog.
Though your dog may appear perfectly healthy and happy now, if it’s not currently receiving the proper balance and quality of nutrients it requires, long-term problems may await. By giving your dog vitamin supplements now, you may help to prevent problems in the future. 
One of the most significant contributions vitamin supplements can make is in helping the body deal with Free Radicals.
You’ve heard of them, haven’t you? Those renegade oxygen molecules known as Free Radicals rampage through the body, mutating and even killing the body’s cells.
Damage from Free Radicals has been associated with more than 50 serious health problems.
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Bully Max Muscle Builder

Bully Max works for all breeds, and is especially popular with Pit Bull owners. Bully Max is perfect for dogs who: Are underweight or scrawny (“hard keepers”) . Need strength or energy to perform at a peak level. Require extra nutrition to be healthy. Want to look and feel their best.

Bully Max offers the following powerful benefits, and is excellent for the following dog sports:

Cani cross
Competition obedience
Conformation showing
Catchball (A variation on Flyball)
Disc dog
Dock Jumping
Dog hiking, Pack Hiking
Dog scootering
Earthdog trials
Field trials
French Ring Sport
Greyhound racing
Hare coursing
The proper vitamins help to supply the body with Antioxidants, which work to keep Free Radicals in check.  There Isn’t Much You Wouldn’t do for Your Dog. If you’re like most dog owners, your dog isn’t just a dog. It’s more like one of the family.  And because of that, you do all that you can to make sure you’re dog is healthy and happy. You provide quality food, exercise, and veterinary care for your dog. It’s little enough in return for the unconditional love your dog gives your family. So isn’t it great to know that there is one more thing you can do to help ensure a long, happy, and healthy life for your dog? And it’s such a simple thing, too.

We’d Like to Offer a Suggestion

If you want your dog to have the benefits of vitamin supplements, be careful to choose a brand that you can trust. 

You may be inclined to think that one supplement brand is as good as another, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.  In fact, one of the leading brands of dog vitamin supplements is loaded with sugar, corn syrup, and Kaolin. Don’t know what Kaolin is? It’s clay; sometimes used as an insect repellant on crops.  If you choose the right brand of vitamin supplements, you won’t have to worry that you’re feeding your dog clay (and who knows what else). We’d like to suggest the Bully Max supplements. Based upon our own research and personal experience, we’ve come to believe that Bully Max is the finest line of dog vitamin supplements available.  So much so that Bully Max supplements are the brand we endorse. 
We’re not exactly alone in that opinion. Bully Max is used by many of the world’s top dog breeders and groomers.
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